Google’s Birthday Doodle Celebrates 20 Years


JAKARTA, THEACEH.COM — Google celebrates its birthday every year on September 27th, even though it was incorporated on September 4th.

Founded 20 years ago, the company is marking the occasion with a Google Doodle around the world.

This year’s Google Doodle features letter-shaped balloons attached to a gift box. Tapping plays a YouTube video that animates popular searches from around the globe over the past two decades.

Terms include Y2K, Pluto losing its status as a planet, the Royal Wedding, 2012 on the Mayan calendar, and avocado toast. It ends on an international thank you from Google.

According to the article of 9to5google, Abner Li wrote, meanwhile earlier this week, the company prepared for the next 20 years of Search by announcing a slew of new features. Focussing on incorporating AI and other visual optimizations, Google detailed subtopics with dynamic results, while Search will display Activity cards to help users keep track of previous queries.

Search will begin showing more AMP stories as Google Images gains Google Lens on mobile.

The notoriously stark homepage on mobile is adding Google Discover — previously the Google Feed — in the coming weeks. This list of news and other articles is aimed at surfacing content related to a user’s interests.

The below mentioned the video of Google’s birthday Doodle celebrates 20 years.[TA-01]